Fitness is for everyone, find YOUR “thing”! Contact us to try out any of our fitness options. The best time to start is NOW!


Fun, constantly varied group classes led by a qualified CrossFit Trainer. Anything from weightlifting and gymnastics to cardio and core, all customisable to your individual abilities. The goal of CrossFit is to bullet proof your body for anything life may throw at you and too keep you fit and active throughout your life. We specialise in not specializing!


Open Gym

The Box is open from 9 am to 5 pm for open gym where you can come and do your own sessions.


Fun, group classes focusing on core and high intensity bodyweight movements with some kettlebell and dumbbell work thrown in to keep things varied. Guaranteed to get you sweating.


Amazing core training using TRX suspensions trainers! Suspension training engages your core more than traditional moves, because they require a lot more balance, plus you get an awesome workout at the same time. TRX training actually makes core work fun.

Team building and obstacle course

We run team building sessions that make use of our obstacle course and fun group exercises that also require mental agility, but are mainly just good fun! Getting active and trying something new in a group is one of the best ways to build team spirit.


Coach led group training for our Master’s 50 years + members. We focus on correct movement patterns with a big emphasis on core strength and keeping active throughout our lives. We work closely with our in-house physiotherapist and other health professionals in town. The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind’ – Greg Glassman.

Personal training

While CrossFit is can benefit everyone, we understand that some people may not thrive in group classes. All of our coaches are available for personal training sessions and we work closely with our in-house physio if you are interested in prehab and rehab work.

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